Monday, April 1, 2013

If Silhouette was a Movie (Locations)

Macmillan Films is working on a movie deal for Silhouette, so I thought I would find some photos online that would show how I imagine the characters, locations, vehicles, weapons, etc. Is this how you imagined them when you read the book? Leave comments with your thoughts about them if you want.

The novel is set in the San Francisco Bay Area in the future, after a devastating earthquake destroyed much of the city, like the quake that did so in 1906. The damage might look something like this...

Former police chief Saul Rabin formed the Bay Area Security Service and rose to power by being the one man who could establish order in the ruined city, with the help of his force of "peacers" who have been given a license to kill. Much of the city was rebuilt, and BASS erected their huge "castle" at the summit of Nob Hill and a network of underground passageways like the "Red Tunnel," which in the novel has been invaded by squatters who are protesting the company's dictatorial policies. Imagine the building below about three times bigger, and you will have some idea of how the castle would loom over the city.

Saul Rabin also converted the ruins of the historic Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill, next to the castle, into a high-tech jail. He repaired the gothic facade and named it the Grace Confinement Center, which seems oxymoronic, but he explained that "it is grace--they could be dead, but they're only locked up."

During the story, Michael Ares and Paul Rabin visit a place called "Chinatown Underground." The Chinese citizens who remained in the city constructed it when they razed and then rebuilt the ruined buildings of the former Chinatown, to accomodate the growing population of refugees from China, because that country had become so much more militaristic in recent years under the leadership of General Zhang Sun.

Finally, the former military base called the Presidio was rebuilt to house an orphanage, the pet project of Saul Rabin's wife Kathryn. Lynn Ares lived at the Presidio after her parents were killed in the earthquake.

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