Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If Silhouette Was A Movie (Main Characters)

Now that I have finished Kaleidocide, the sequel to Silhouette, and sent it off to the publisher, I have some time that I can do something fun that I've wanted to do for awhile. Macmillan Films is trying to get a movie deal for Silhouette, so I thought I would find some photos online that would show how I imagine the characters, locations, vehicles, weapons, etc. Is this how you imagined them when you read the book? Leave comments with your thoughts about them if you want.

No better place to start than with Michael Ares, the main character. He is from England, so how about Luke Evans, who looks something like the Michael of my imagination...

And then for Michael's wife Lynn, how about Naomi Watts...

Michael and Lynn are both in their thirties, Michael is ex-military (special forces) and Lynn was raised in an orphanage at the Presidio founded by Saul Rabin's late wife Kathryn. The glasses Luke Evans is wearing in the pictures could easily be the net glasses that Michael uses throughout the book, and Naomi Watts is not only beautiful, as Lynn is, but could also embody the domestic and innocent parts of the character's nature.

Interestingly, the two actors also have the same color eyes as the characters in the book.


  1. Dave, I'm the guy who designed the audio book for Silhouette. I'd love to hear what you think when you get a take to listen. Thanks!

  2. I heard it, Tom, and I like it. Especially your work with music and sound effects...they really add a lot to the story. The best part for me was hearing Mozart's Requiem at the beginning and the end...perfect timing with the different parts mentioned! You can tell the script adapter that he or she did a good job, too, overall...the only part I didn't like was at the end when Michael realized how the silhouette photo was taken. His epiphanic realization was cut out, and I'm wondering why they did that? But again, I liked most of it...Keep up the good work!

  3. Hmmm that's a good question. I'll run it by Ken Jackson, the director. He didn't adapt it, but might have some insight. Apparently the title is doing well, so hopefully we can speak again in the future should we tackle more of your books! There is also the prequel short story which is also soon to be released...thanks again for listening! It was a pleasure!