Monday, October 14, 2013

If Kaleidocide Was A Movie (Oakland and Marin)

Kaleidocide, the second Peacer novel and a sequel to Silhouette, will be released on December 10, 2013.  In anticipation of it, I wanted to share what some of the characters and places look like in my imagination (or close to it, anyway), and what a movie might look like if Macmillan Films is able to develop one for production.

In this series of posts, I'll start with more minor characters and settings, and work my way up to the main ones.  So here is what the ruins of Oakland might look like, in an early scene where the Japanese cyborg triplets fly some Firehawk helicopters into the city to smoke out an assault team waiting to ambush Michael Ares...

Here is one of the Firehawk helicopters that the cyborg triplets fly into the ruins to take out an enemy assault team.  And below it is what the enemy helicopters they encounter might look like.  They are called "Sikorsky Primes" and are painted a teal color to channel the ancient spirits of the xing lu cai se, or kaleidocide, initiated by a militaristic ruler of China named Zhang Sun.

Finally (for this post), here are some views of the Marin Center (including the entrance to the jail that is built into a hill) where a later action scene occurs, and a picture that is something like the huge car carrier that Michael's double and Lynn make their escape in by using the cars like remote-controlled missiles (you have to read it!:).  The carrier in the novel would be a more futuristic version, of course, and even bigger.

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