Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If Kaleidocide Was A Movie (Weapons and Locations)

Kaleidocide, the second Peacer novel and a sequel to Silhouette, will be released on December 10, 2013.  In anticipation of it, I wanted to share what some of the characters and places look like in my imagination (or close to it, anyway), and what those things might look like if Macmillan Films is able to develop one for production.

Here are some of the weapons in the book.  The handguns are the double-barreled "boas" that Michael wears, which can be switched between "killer" and "stopper" rounds as need arises.  Below that is the Alliant "Trinity" that he used in his assault on a power plant in Taiwan, which he relives as a holographic memory in a couple chapters of the book.  The Trinity is called that because it has three barrels, for killer rounds, explosive rounds, and a razor-sharp monofilament grappling line that can carry Michael through the air and also carve up anything in its path.


Here is what Michael and Lynn's home on the highest point of Stags Leap in Napa Valley might look like, with some of the views from the house.  (There is a secret base in the mountain under the house, complete with a hangar bay for the aeros, hidden by a hologram at its entrance.)

And finally, this is the actual interior of the Marin County Jail, built into the hillside at the Marin Center, where a climactic action scene begins.  At the bottom is an exterior view of the hexagonal top of the jail, with the skylights in the center.  Imagine the cyborg Min standing on the floor of the jail as the enemy assault team arrives, and then blasting open the skylight windows high above and leaping out of them to engage the helicopters in a ferocious battle!


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